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Is the £35.00 worth it?

Ladies and gentleman,

Today I will be writing about the renowned “Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder”. (Very unique content I know) Now, very recently it was my 19th birthday which meant I got to choose one piece of make-up which is slightly above my part time job price point. When it comes to the cost of make-up I am more than willing to pay the price…as long as the quality meets that price.

Now unfortunately my face shape is literally as round as an orange, thus meaning I need to sculpt and mould in any way I can. I know Tanya Burr and Nikkietutorials both use this, so I had confidence that it was a high class product. (You also know it’s a premium product when it comes in a completely unnecessary velvet pouch) The pigmentation of this product is very full and rich however not so strong you can’t adjust easily depending on how obvious you want the contour to be.

I know for a lot of people my age £35.00 is a lot of money to spend on one powder but I promiseee it is so worth it! This is one of those products that is really buildable which is really useful if you use sculpting powders on a daily basis. It has a matte finish too which is useful so you can use your favourite glow alongside it!

I’ve learnt recently when doing swatches you’re supposed to not only use a finger for your swatch but an appropriate brush as well. Apparently the brushes are way more accurate on how the product will actually look on your skin. Hence why there are two swatches displayed.

It dispenses really evenly and would highly recommend!
Conclusion – 100% the £35.00 IS totally worth it.


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