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Chopstick or Flopstick

So, last week I bought the Lee Stafford, Chopstick Styler. My hair type as you can see is flat and straight and boring. However, deceptively thick and long. (Nope, not like you’re thinking) I always struggle to find a curling wand that will actually make any difference to my hair without falling out after an hour. For me personally I hadn’t purchased a Lee Stafford product before and the £20.00 price tag and the good reviews lured me into buying it. I also work in a shop that sells it meaning I got 20% off. What a bargain!

Firstly I will say, the wand gets HOT. 200 DEGREES HOT.  I was very cautious not to get it near to my fingers when wrapping my hair round the wand. Although surprisingly all my hair fit around the barrel. It would have been useful to get a heat protected glove in the box! Nevertheless due to the high temperature, I managed to curl my hair in about 20-25 minutes. For me, this was record breaking time, usually it’s a minimum of 45 minutes. I felt like Usain Bolt after he broke the world record. Just for hair instead. Pretty much the same.

ANYWAY. If you want to create ringlet curls then all you need to do is take 1” portions of hair around the wand. This form of curl doesn’t really suite me, so on the second go I took about 2” sections, which worked wonders. I’m wearing the second day of curls today in a high pony.


The wand itself has a basic, plastic, pink handle with a simple on/off switch. It’s lightweight and heats up in only one minute which is useful if you need to re do a few sections of hair before heading off out again.

The results from this curling wand will last until you re wash your hair. My mum is especially a fan of the curls because it reminds her of when I was younger. (As well as the 80’s I think) All this being said, I would recommend this product to anyone like me, who is sick of having the same flat hair every day.



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