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Beauty Favourites of 2016

Now every year I have a few staple beauty products that I use all year now without fail. Some of these are new discoveries of 2016 whereas some I have been buying for over the past few years. The first product I want to mention is the “TRESemme heat defence styling spray” I feel like nowadays people forget that their hair needs protection from all the strengtheners, dryers and curling wands. I doubt 10 second Instagram videos would be very popular if they were just spraying heat defence spray.  I can confidently say that this product has saved me from split ends. Not only does it protect my hair, but it genuinely feels softer when I use it. Personally I have quite a lot of hair and it only requires a few sprays and a brush in order to be effective. Thus meaning 1 bottle will last me for over one month. Highly recommend.


Morphe. Morphe Morphe. Now before 2016 I had never heard of Morphe, I’m sure I can speak for most people and they would probably agree. I think that this was also the year that they really put themselves out on the market. I purchased the 35T eye shadow palette and was pleasantly surprised about the quality (Soon to be buying more!)  Usually when you buy a palette with more than 10 colours, and for a decent price, the quality can easily be reduced; however Morphe surprised me, and I believe, everyone else. The palette pigmentation is really obvious and full; however it’s not so strong that colours cannot be easily blended together.  One addition that could be altered however is the fact that it does not come with any form of mirror. The wide variety of colours also means that you can create daytime and evening looks from the same palette. Most sell out quickly though so make sure if you order one you get it quickly!



I feel like I’ve discovered a secret.” Dove deeply nourishing body wash.” Dove is usually thought of for only being bought in a set for Christmas. Of course for moisturiser all year also. Now I promise you this is the best thing I have ever discovered. When you’re in the shower or bath squeeze a small portion into the palm of your hands, rub in circular motions over your clean wet face. Wash off after 20 seconds and your face will feel as smooth as a babies bum. I use this product 3 times a week all year round. You are welcome for this life hack.


L’Oreal superliner is a makeup bag essential. I am definitely an eye liner girl and that means I can’t be dealing with it smudging throughout the day. I’m personally not a fan of the felt tip pen eyeliners where as this one has a small point with a sponge thin tip. It dry’s quickly thus meaning you don’t have to sit there waving your hands in front of your face.  It also surprisingly lasts a long time considering the pot you get is of a small size. I will definitely be bringing ALL these products into 2017. xx



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