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L.A Girl – Product Thoughts

Hello lovelies, welcome back! So… I did some online shopping recently and bought some bits from LA girl. After trying and testing I thought I’d leave my thoughts on here. Enjoy xx
Let’s start with the glow baby! What a fun place to start eyy. Now this glow is very glittery. One wrong move and it will look like you’ve just come from a kid’s birthday party. Due to its bold silver colour and shimmer this means you have to be very careful with the application. Due to it being so blatantly silver, highlighting in usual places (nose, cheeks, cupids bow) can be really challenging to pull off. That being said… it is SO perfect for the inner corners of your eyes. It can make a standard day make up look really stand out. It’s also really pretty to blend in with eye shadows.




Eyeliner. Is. The. Best. Invention. Ever. That’s not entirely true. But still.  Let’s not waste time; I would highly recommend this liner; it applies easily into your waterline without smudging or causing any eye watering. It lasts waaay longer than my other pencils and by the end of the day I only had a tiny amount of build up in the inner corner. Love it!



Now some of you may pose the question as to why I purchased a pure white concealer. The reason behind this is that I am a very fair skinned individual and white is almost the only colour that can bring definition to my foundation. The white concealer has a very light shimmer and definitely adds to the products individuality. It makes your whole face look more awake. I love it for under my brows in order to help them stand out. The skin coloured concealer however is really use full if you don’t wanna wear a lot of make up one day. Its full coverage so can easily hide those dark circles and blemishes. One thing I’m not so keen on however is the application. I don’t like the plastic bristles personally.  I am way more fond if the wands. All just personal opinion. Love it also!



Last but not least, is the flat finish pigment gloss. Now, this is the first liquid lipstick I’ve ever purchased and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I’ve heard that liquid lipsticks will make your lips dry and crusty but with the L.A girl matte gloss this was definitely not the case. Compared to the picture however it finishes slightly more reddish than pink. It dried swiftly once applied and lasted on my lips all day without leaving residue on bottles or cans of drink. I also only needed one application to cover my lips as it dispersed evenly. The only downfall with this product however is the wand given with the packaging. It is not shaped to support your lips; it is a flat topped wand instead. I would recommend instead using a detailer brush to apply this product instead. All being said love this product also!  xx




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