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7 Tips for Self Confidence

When you’re a “plus size” individual it’s very easy to sometimes feel not too great about yourself. Even when you’re not, confidence is something most people struggle with at some point. (Although….that being said, I’m currently half a stone down and I’m pretty chuffed.)

Now, I’m not that type of person that is confident wherever she walks. I can’t walk into a room of strangers and feel like I’ve known them for years. Around my close friends I am fully myself and can be as confident as I am when dancing alone in my room. However, even distant peers I struggle with my confidence. For the majority of the time however, I’m  pretty alright… This post will be about how to upkeep that confidence on a day to day basis. (Be prepared for unconventional methods)

1.       Pretty underwear – Putting on your best underwear without a special occasion is probably one of my favourite things. Why not treat yourself to a Boux Avenue bra on a Wednesday. Treat yourself. All black matching sets are my preferred.  It can boost your morning from a 4 to an 8 instantly.


2.       Makeup – Adding something slightly different into your make up routine always makes me feel a little savvier.  Some days I add a lot more highlight instead of simply onto my cheek bones. E.g. tip of nose, inner corners, and small amount on forehead. I also love treating myself to a red lip also.


3.       Achieving Targets – Now what I’m referring to here is not work targets. (Like sales) It could be losing a certain amount of weight. Or home cooking rather than having ready meals. Possibly even to be more social in your spare time. These are individual targets. For me at the moment, it’s trying to be healthier. If I reach my goal at the end of the week I feel a sense of accomplishment. Make sure the targets set are realistic!


4.       Organisation – Having your life a little more organised always makes me feel like a slightly more put together human. I am always trying to keep my personal space clean and tidy. Whether it is my car or my room or my wardrobe. Re organising it or cleaning it always makes me feel better. This one is not body focused however it still helps me regardless.


5.       Selfies! – Before there is judgement. Let me tell you. Putting yourself out there, will serve your self esteem. Even if it’s a 1 second selfie with the dog filter AND black and white. It will help. If you’re a little self conscious just do facial pictures. It brings me more confidence when I see people in person that I haven’t seen for a while as well.


6.       All black errrything – Because I’m fare skinned going all black can be risky business. But you just can’t go wrong let’s be honest; it gives you a more stylish look and once paired with a red lip, you’ll look killer. Plus it’s slimming so that’s always a win.


7.       Being kind to yourself ❤ – It’s very easy to see pictures on insta and think that model actually walks on a sandy beach everyday with a coconut in one hand and a fruit smoothie in the other. In the majority of cases this is not the reality. Focus on yourself and remind yourself that you’re pretty great. Walking alone once in a while is a really easy head cleanser as well.


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