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30 Reasons for YOU to Lose Weight

From the beginning of the New Year, I decided that this year was my time. Not another year to say that to myself and ignore it by February; but to actually do it. Here is a list of reasons to try and help you keep on track of your goal and remind yourself why you started in the first place. Hope it helps xx

  1. To not feel conscious wearing sleeveless tops
  2. To not feel conscious in tops that don’t hang lower than your stomach
  3. To not feel conscious when you walking around in public
  4. To not feel conscious
  5. To be able to wear shorts again
  6. To be able to wear cute tops again
  7. To be able to stop buying from only the plus size section
  8. To remind yourself that in three months time, you’ll be thankful you started now
  9. To feel powerful and confident AF when you see you ex in public
  10. To remind that one person what they’re missing
  11. To feel god damn healthier
  12. To not restrict yourself from saying yes
  13. To feel sexier than ever before
  14. To not be overpowered by your cravings
  15. To get that reaction from friends that haven’t seen you in a while
  16. To save money
  17. To look in the mirror and love what you see
  18. To look amazing in that new underwear set
  19. To be happy when you see photographs of yourself
  20. To prove to everyone that you can do it
  21. To be an inspiration
  22. To be able to wear baggy hoodies and still look small
  23. To change people’s opinion on you
  24. To not be the fat friend
  25. To not be overlooked by the opposite sex
  26. To get that feeling when your old clothes fit you again
  27. To be able to throw away all the clothes that are too big for you
  28. To treat your body better
  29. To fall back in love with yourself
  30. To feel better inside and out

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