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The Ultimate Guide to a Girls Holiday (Part 1 of 2)

I and eight friends ventured out to Malia in the beginning of June 2016. The expectations for this holiday were soooo far from what it was actually like. Hopefully this post will help you when going on your lads/lasses holiday. This was MY experience in Malia.

Firstly I would say, book as early as possible. Making 9 girls decide on a place that everyone could agree on was a struggle in itself. Weirdly enough it worked out cheaper for five of the girls to fly out a day before the last four; it saved them around £90.00 so it was definitely worth it. For one week away with bed and breakfast and flights it cost £315.00

Off we go!


The location of our hotel was absolutely amazing. Meaning we didn’t need to worry about taxis to and from the clubs. It was at the very top of the strip (top of the hill) it’s called “Malia Mare.”I will warn you that the rooms look quite different to the pictures they advertise. You have to keep in mind all of these 18-30 holidays are always going to be a bit rough. It’s nothing like when you go away with your family. I will warn you also that you have to pay around 30 Euros for ANY extras. (Aircon, safe, wifi) The basics.

Believe it or not this was one of the main clubs on Malia’s strip

When we arrived the first impressions weren’t the best… you can tell the guy on reception was used to a lot of arseholes. Three of the girls had to stay in another hotel for the first two nights because they overbooked.  When I got the room with my friend we started unpacking and getting all our stuff organised. We then heard someone unlock the door and two strangers walked in demanding we were in there room. It turned out these guys had paid for two rooms, one to get ready in and one to pass out in. The hotel ignored this and put us in there anyway. It was really worrying that they had a key to our room.

This was our pool for the week!

BARGAIN BOOZE. (Opposite Malia Mare) Anyone that is thinking of going to Malia I would really suggest buying all your pre drinks from this shop. (1litre bottle of Smirnoff vodka for 8 Euros) Fish bowl sets as well.  The guy in the shop also sold homemade raki…. We made a bad decision and bought this also. If you like drinking petrol it will suit you perfectly.

When drinking at our favourite beach bar, the lady bought our drinks over on this. Kinda cute, Kinda not.

Clubbing Attire. This rule applies to all clubbing holiday destinations. Nobody wears heels, there is no point. Converse and pretty sandals are the way forward. Rarely a bra either. Shorts and tops and the usual dress code, sometimes a skirt; you could wear what you were wearing earlier in the day to be quite honest. Clubbing there is veryyy different to how it is in England. For example, if your under 18 and thinking about going away, you won’t get ID’d don’t worry.  I definitely noticed that some girls looked around 15 – 16 years old.

IMG_7141 (2)
Now, I couldn’t tell you the exact “ingredients” in this fishbowl. Every bar in Malia however will claimed to be the place where the fish bowl began. It was delicious.

A bit of advice I’d say is to pick your clubs wisely and don’t be afraid of ignoring the promoters. The promoters will sometimes grab you on the arm or be quite forceful about their approach. Either just walk past them or grab their free shot voucher, take the shot and leave. The really big clubs like “Candy” will always be super packed and busy. It can be a challenge just getting to the bar, plus the drinks prices are like they are in England in the big clubs. Medium sized ones are soo much better and they do way better music.

Coming in PART 2Boys, the Hospital, Losing our Hotel Key xxx


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